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Tuesday               10am to 6 pm

Wednesday          10am to 6pm

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Saturday:              12 noon to 4pm

Children's books and DVDs are available during all Main Library Hours.

Monday and Bank Holidays : LIBRARY CLOSED

08 November 2022

Book Donation guidelines

Donations of Books and DVDs are vital to the Library !

Since opening in 2011, we have added and replaced some 20,000 books. Many of these replacemements come from donations from the Community which saves precious resource in buying them.

Q- What condition of the books do you want? 

A - We are a library!  Donated books need to be of good quality to be useful.

One guideline is whether YOU  would borrow it! If in doubt please ask first !

Q -  When can I bring books? : 

A - You can bring books at any time we are open - no notice needed -  just call in advance (020 7431 1266) to check we are open.

We can usually help in collecting books from cars parked on the yellow lines outside the Library.

Q - What do you do with donated items ? 

A - We have a little team dedicated to sorting out all the donations.

Those for the library collection go on the shelves ( either as new or to replace a "tired book"),  others are kept for the next book sale and any that fail to sell are sent to an online seller. We aim make the most of every one.

Q - What type of books? 

A- All TYPES and Genres of  book - (fiction or non fiction, adult or children) but please see notes below.  

We  no longer take DVDs or CDs as the demand is low. 

Q - Do you collect?

A - We would if we had willing volunteers!  If you can help, please let us know.

At the moment, however, we cannot offer this service.


Please do NOT give us the following:

  • Books without bar codes or ISBN numbers unless in pristine condition that we can sell.
  • Books in poor condition, incomplete, dirty or mouldy ( you would be disappointed at the items sometimes dumped on us) .
  • Encyclopedia sets and dictionaries - Sadly, here is no longer any demand as it is all on the internet
  • Magazines and catalogues.
  • School text books
  • Music scores
  • Foreign language books
  • Audio cassettes
  • Video cassettes - VHS tapes
  • Toys
  • Clothes