Opening Hours


Tuesday              10am to 6pm

Wednesday         10am to 6pm

Thursday             10am to 7pm

Friday                  10am to 7pm

Saturday              12 noon to 4pm

Sunday                12 noon to 4pm


Tuesday               10 to 5 pm

Friday                   10 to 5pm

Saturday:              12 to 4pm

Children can borrow books and DVDs during Main Library Hours.

RHYME TIME  - watch the website for updates. 

Bank Holidays : LIBRARY CLOSED

Join Us & Get Involved

How can I use the library?

Access to the library is free and open to all.  

Comfortable seating, good quality coffee and chocolate  machine, free WiFi and daily newspapers and periodicals are provided.

There is a  Children's Library with its own team. The dedicated Children's Room is open on 3 days a week ( hours on the home page) and maybe available on other days if not in use for events. In any case Children's Books are available to view and borrow on our usual 6 days.

To  borrow books, audiobooks or DVDs or use the PCs, you will need a Keats Community Library card.   Please come to the library with a proof of address.  There is a one-off admin fee of £5 for each household to help towards the costs of issuing new cards. 

When you have your KCL card you will also be able to search the Keats Community Library catalogue on lin, see when new books are added and renew your books. 

Public PCs are available 6 days a week. A token is needed to access the PCs and costs £1 an hour.  KCL Card Holders have their first hour free.

NB: Camden Library cards will only work in libraries connected to Camden's network.  Sadly we are not. The nearest libraries for your Camden library cards are now Swiss Cottage Library and Queen's Crescent Library. 


How can I help? 

Help with funding: we are totally dependant on donations to keep open.

To keep the current hours and services,  it  costs about £250 a day to run the library.

After a superb flurry of initial support both financial and in terms of volunteering we have now settled down to actually running the Library. We need to keep reminding our community that their support needs to be continuous so that we can keep going. 

Every pound you can give will go towards our running costs.  

Click on Donate Now on the left-hand menu for ways to donate.  And please add Gift Aid if you can!

Help while using the Internet and at no cost to you...

Ebay - when selling on EBay, you can offer to gift your proceeds to Keats Community Library which is one of their recognised charities. Just take up the option when asked - by joining this website (free) , many of your internet shoppiing purchases can benefit KCL at no cost to you. The seller will give us 1-5% of the price. You only need to register at and then "click through" the site whenever you shop from Amazon to John Lewis.


Offer your time: we are dependant on help from volunteers

We have an amazing group of local people who have  signed up to give a bit of time each month.  We offer training, if needed, with a nice social atmosphere in a beautiful building and the opportunity to help people.

We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in joining our volunteers.  

We need help not just in the library but with administration and the usual activities in running a modest charity. The Board of Trustees would welcome offers of help and is always looking for new Trustees with suitable skills or interests to help the management.

Please email and we'll get in touch.  Please be patient as it may take a while to find a mutually acceptable slot


You can donate your books and DVDs to the library

Since opening we have replaced most of the books we inherited with new or better quality copies. Many come from donations from the Community which saves us buying them.

You can bring books at any time. Those we need, go on the shelves, others are kept for the next book sale and any that fail to sell are sent to an on line seller. So we make the most of each one.

Too many books at home? 

We offer the solution and at the same time you are helping the library.

We also welcome DVDs and children's books which get worn out from use.

Remember that we are a library and that donated books need to be of good quality to be helpful.

The guideline is whether you would borrow it! If in doubt just ask!

We do not take:

  • Books without bar codes
  • Books in poor condition, dirty or mouldy  -sadly we are sometimes treated as a convneient dump....
  • Encyclopedia sets - There is no longer any demand as it is all on the internet
  • Magazines
  • Foreign Language books

Are there particular projects I can help with?

There are lots of events and projects we'd like people to get involved with including: 

  • Developing an outreach programme with local schools, nurseries and after-school clubs
  • Working with the Royal Free Hospital and their staff nursery and children’s ward
  • Recruiting work experience trainees
  • Organising reading groups
  • Helping organise our evening events - literary discussions, comedy or indeed anything for the community!
  • Distributing leaflets
  • Donating good condition books and dvds to the library or our book sales
  • Creating your own fundraising event which could be anything from a book swap, toy stall, coffee morning, or sponsored read. 

But feel free to suggest other ideas...

Please contact us if you have ideas or can help with any of these projects or if you have other useful skills you can offer: